Facilities & Manufacturing

Sustainability and continual improvement are high priorities

Allergan’s worldwide network of commercial and manufacturing facilities represent a significant opportunity to make a difference in reducing the impact of our business on the environment. We are maximizing this opportunity through several initiatives.

Overall Environmental Objectives

Environmental goals and objectives are established on an annual basis. These include enhancing sustainability efforts within key manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and globally by focusing on efforts to increase the amount of material recycled as a percent of total plant waste and decrease energy consumption.
Performance against targets is measured on a monthly basis and trends against the established targets are reported to the Company’s Environmental Steering Committee at least semi-annually. Allergan also participates in the Carbon Disclosure Project investor initiative.

Additionally, we seek to employ green technology in the construction or renovation of our global facilities. Several sites have recently made significant investments in retrofitting facilities and equipment with the latest technology focused on reducing energy consumption and waste production.

Sustainable Facilities & Operations

Sustainability and continual improvement are both high priorities as demonstrated by a number of projects undertaken at our global operations, manufacturing and R&D facilities:

  • A solar thermal power system has been installed at our location in Zug, Switzerland, providing hot water requirements for canteen and sanitary services. This facility also operates an innovative heat recovery system, which uses groundwater to cool buildings in the summer, via air conditioning, and to heat them during colder months.

  • Most of the Company’s manufacturing sites have implemented energy conservation projects to reduce energy intensity (KWh per unit output) and minimize the carbon footprint of each facility.

  • In 2011, the Dupnitsa, Bulgaria manufacturing site was nominated for an 'International Green Award for Creativity in Sustainability' for their solvent reduction program. The Research and Development team implemented an innovative program for the replacement of organic solvents with non-organic alternatives during the granulation and coating stages of production. As a result, emissions have been dramatically reduced at this high-volume solid oral dose manufacturing location.

  • Troyan, a second manufacturing site in Bulgaria, has also successfully reduced solvent usage by analyzing the process and modifying work practices.

  • Teams at Allergan's manufacturing facility in Romania have utilized technologies and processes to eliminate the use of fossil fuels for thermal energy at the facility, demonstrating a forward-looking approach to innovative energy conservation and use of renewable energy solutions.

  • Allergan's manufacturing plant in Iceland is powered completely by renewable energy, and in 2011, Allergan’s Malta facility installed a solar water heating system to serve the facility’s supply packaging and analytical services laboratory.